Friday, March 29, 2013

Images of Seattle

Okay, so listen. We were invited to a wedding in Seattle set for March 23, 2013. My husband's cousin's wedding. At first I was excited because the default mode of my life is to be super-zealous about travel. But as the date grew nearer I began to have doubts about the trip. Really? This seems like a lot of planning and logistics and expense just to attend a wedding for a few hours......  I was also cursed with that feeling of "NAMELESS DREAD" (anxiety disorder that affects many [especially those with small children] but usually not me). I was sure that if we went either: a) the plane would crash b) our precious son would be run over by a bus in the city c) our precious son would be recalcitrant (OMG, I love that word. So glad I have the opportunity to use it.) and it would be pouring rain constantly.

Well, guess what? We went, we are back, we are well. The plane didn't crash. The public transportation system ran like clockwork. The wedding was lovely. Our son was my hero once again. The city was dynamic, pulsing with energy and creativity. And the sun made an appearance every single day of the five days we spent there. I also might add that the whole trip was energizing at the same time that it took a lot of energy.

One of my dearest friends here in Quincy asked me, upon my return, what I liked best about Seattle. Caught off-guard by the question, (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that type of question by the way), I blurted out: "the sky". The weather and the sky were so dynamic, I explained. It was constantly changing, in constant motion. And the Seattlites are out in it. And so were we. Our hotel, north of the downtown, was a block away from a walking bridge that led to the waterfront. There were two paved paths running for miles in either direction; one for walkers and joggers and one for cyclists. Oh, the infastructure! The socialism of it all!

Upon further reflection, I realized that another of my favorite things about Seattle was that art and creativity abounded. I am including just 12 of the 190 photos I took on our trip. I hope that it is not too many. I know how too many images, too much clutter, can obscure the sublime beauty that can be found in a single perfect moment or object or image. 

Yeah, like I said, "the sky"
Are you guys familiar with Frank Gehry, the architect? If not, you should be. Read about him and see some of his work here. We have visited only two of his many architectural wonders. The EMP (Experience Music Project) museum is in Seattle near the famous Space Needle. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.
  Industry, Art, Motion. These are the things I loved. There were ships and tugboats so busy....
Shapes, images, art, new and old....

This is my favorite photo of the whole trip. I will enter it
in our county fair art show this summer.

With love and a renewed enthusiasm for travel........


  1. Karen,
    Great photos, especially the EMP. We were there with Evan when he was in high school. I took lots of pix of that building. Recently saw an aerial photograph of that building- incredible architecture. Paul Allen must have given Gehry a big blank check. We really enjoy your blog: always excellent photos and narrative. Kudos to Craig for his World Championship finish. Uncle Don

    1. Yeah, I don't think he is the type of architect you hire if you have budget constraints. We rode the monorail right through the building. Very cool. Thanks for the comment. : )

  2. I'm looking for that photo at the Fair. Fair is where we go in August.
    You've become beautifully poetic. Thank you for the few minutes it took to read this entry and all the unmeasurable minutes in reflection.

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us. Lucky you had such good weather. I've never been that lucky on my Seattle visits.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! My daughter was married in Seattle and my two sons live there. Seattle holds a special place in my heart. I agree with you, the sky is ever changing and dynamic, especially in the springtime. One of my favorite pictures from my daughter's wedding was taken at the very spot of your favorite image above. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Laurie, thank you so much for the comment and compliment!

  5. Wonderful pictures and happy to read that the trip was a success.