Friday, February 24, 2012

English Hill Morning, Occidental Breakfast, Bodega Bay Afternoon

I cannot help but celebrate the place I come from. As you know, I am a farm girl at heart and when I return to the farm of my childhood my heart soars. Without even realizing it, I literally run from place to place as I used to do. The feeling of freedom and expansiveness is palpable. In a recent trip requested by our 5-year old son, we enjoyed the farm and the beach, 20 minutes away. It is an absolute joy for me to behold my son as he romps carefree on the land of my own girlhood. His enthusiasm was irresistible as he built a tree fort with his grandpa's help and ran from place to place discovering treasures like paths, rocks, flowers, sticks, and secret hiding spots.

Sonoma County is a sweet Northern California county which boasts wine country and 76 miles of Pacific coastline, rolling hills, and agricultural valleys. I am partial to the more sparsely populated, hilly, and pastoral west county. It's a bit more laid back and retains more authentic funky charm than towns and cities along the busy Hwy. 101 corridor. It also remains more unchanged. Which is nice. Like the ocean. Still there after all these years for me to come home to again and again like the waves cresting and falling to rest momentarily before being swept out to sea once again....  

Celebrating West Sonoma County in photos:
An English Hill Morning:

My parents' rosemary plant which covers approximately 1/4 acre :)

An Occidental Breakfast: Howie's 

"Primo Potatoes"
Bodega Bay Afternoon:

We found a live abalone on the beach. We threw it back into the sea.

And gougeres in the evening for good measure:



  1. Looks like a great place to live. Oh,wait,I do live here. Great pictures;better than mine.