Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Rain and Photo Drama

We received 8 inches of much-needed rain last week. Five of the eight came all in one soggy, wet day. Then we finished it all off with a dusting of snow and a power outage. I realize that I miss power outages. When I was a child in rural Sonoma County, our power lines were some of the last to be repaired. That sometimes meant 2 or 3 days without electricity. It can be humbling and quiet-cozy and Little-House-on-the-Prairieish. Electricity is certainly something that most of us in this country take for granted. Our outage on Saturday evening was too short. Just long enough to spread candles around the house and do some shadow theater on the ceiling.

On another note, while we were inside watching the rain come down, the tulip and jonquil plants outside shot up 6 inches. They are the dependable yearly harbingers of spring in our yard.

On yet a third note, when I began this blog months ago, I thought that I would not include any photos of my family. I felt like that was too personal to share with the cyber-world. As I grow more accustomed to this medium and because I know most of my audience, I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea. Unquestionably it is common practice. So here goes. Actually this is just a random little boy who I asked to participate in a fun exercise. I named or described an emotion and he made a face to express it. I was very impressed with this 5-year-old's ability to capture the essence of an emotion on his face quickly and accurately. This was an amusing rainy day activity and I also liked how it opened up the conversation and increased awareness about the large range of emotions and feelings that we humans experience.

Future actor?



  1. Yes a future actor. So many wonderful expressions, made us smile. :-)

  2. I'm ready to buy tickets to his first one-man show.

  3. This is great! Love the photos.

  4. Wow!! That's fantastic! I have been sitting here laughing and hooting out loud. It is truly amazing that this anonymous 5 year old has such a rich inner life and effective outer expression!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to be able to find such talented little boys just wandering around the streets of Quincy! The Kus

    1. Is that you Mr. K? Yes, Quincy is an amazing town and some of its greatest charms lie in the hidden talents of its inhabitants.